Know Who We Are


ErgoVenture is a Malaysia leading provider of ergonomics services to a broad range of office environments and industrial services.
We are committed to delivering the highest possible quality of ergonomics services in training, assessment and consultation which comply the OSH legislation to the entire Malaysia region. The strength of our services lie in our ability to provide value added services to our clients with certified, quality and professional ergonomics consultants who are expertise in ergonomics and human factor engineering field.


To be a premier in ergonomics training and consultancy for a broad range of industries.


To provide high quality in ergonomics services that helps clients to fulfil the health, safety and productivity at workplace


We are registered training provider with Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF), agency under Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia.  All the Training Courses conducted by Ergoventure Training & Services PLT are HRDF claimable under Skim Bantuan Latihan (SBL) scheme.

Starting 15 March 2019, we are given approval from Department of Safety and Health (DOSH), agency  under Ministry Human Resources Malaysia to conduct Ergonomic Program Management (ETP Initial/ Advanced ERA) with reference no : JKKP JIE 127/171-11. Participants who are attending these courses are eligible to register as Ergonomic Trained Person (ETP) and listed at DOSH website subject to PASS the written examination and workplace assignment.